Moving forward in the era of digital media draws to a close

When launched almost 10 years ago, it aimed to serve a vital gap in the distibution of Bahá'í-inspired music: independent musical artists had limited opportunity to distribute their music online. created a channel for artists producing Bahá'í-inspired music and helped raise the profile of this music online.

Times have changed and these artists now have many channels and services available to them to distribute their music. was pleased to act as a bridge between an era with limited digital opportunities and a landscape rich in opportunities for these artists.

Today, though,'s role in fostering the distribution of this music online has come to an end. We have enjoyed working with so many artists and such a diversity of talent from all continents and to offer for the last decade the largest single collection of Bahá'í-inspired music available online.

What does this mean for customers?

NOTE: We have extended availability to download your songs until 30 October 2014. You can also now download all your songs in a single ZIP file for convenience.

Effective from 12 July 2014, will no longer sell song credits.

If you have purchased songs in the past, you will continue to be able to download them until 30 October. Just log into your account and download music as you always do. Later this summer, we will offer the ability to download all your purchased songs in a single ZIP file so that you can easily keep a copy of everything you have bought.

If you have purhcased song credits previously you can continue to use them to purchase music from the site as you always have and download the songs you have bought. You can do this until 30 October. You will need to log into your account to browse the music available and make your purchases.

From 30 October, access to the site and all accounts will cease. will then begin a process of refunding the outstanding value of any song credits in your account. This will be done via PayPal to the e-mail address on file in your account between 1 November and 31 December 2014. If you need to update your account's e-mail address so that you can receive your refund, you can do this from your My Account page after you log into your account.

If you wish to purchase music using your credits, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible -- and definitely before the end of September.

If you have questions, contact us using the form below.

What does this mean for artists?

If you sell your music through, we will continue to allow sale of your music to existing customers with song credits in their accounts through 30 October 2014.

Between November 1 and December 31, we will close out your accounts and pay out any outstanding royalties to you via PayPal to the PayPal e-mail address we have on file. If you need to update that address, please use the contact form below.

You will receive a final statement of sales and royalties by e-mail to the same address when payment is made.

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