About the Album

I wrote Sound of the Soul while I was in Haifa and Bahji on an amazing year of service. During this period of time I met incredible friends that I will never forget in my life for the great influence they had upon my soul. Once I arrived in the Holy Land some people heard about my passion for rap music and the most surprising thing was that I was not the only one, but there were few other Bahá'ís with the same passion of writing rap music inspired by the Bahá'í writings! That's how I met Ruben (a.k.a Equal), Afonso (a.k.a Pon), Husayn Symonds and Eric Christensen with whom I immediately started working on some music, which lead me to this album. During my spiritual journey I also met other friends with amazing spiritual voices such as Zoha Stafford, Jordan Campbell, Synnøve Marie Nergård, Bhojraj Singh Parmar together with fantastic producers such as Arlen Yanch (a.k.a Sound Life Media) and few others that gave their much appreciated contribution to the album. The outcome is a multicultural new style of music that is close to rap and hip hop for many aspects and inspired by the Bahá'í teachings.


About the Artist

Navid Freedom is an Italian-Persian multicultural dancer, Master of ceremony (Mc), rap, hip hop song writer, philanthropist and first of all a Bahá'í. His music is inspired by the teaching of the Bahá'í Faith which is a world wide religion aiming ...

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Sound of the Soul

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Album Title: Sound of the Soul
Artist: Navid Freedom
Company: Independent
Genre: Hip-Hop
Number of Tracks: 16