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This album was produced for the International Teaching Conference in Montreal in 1982. The theme song for the conference was the title track, "We Are Baha'is". It is a wonderful memory for all who were there when the children -- hundreds of them -- walked into the conference singing "We Are Baha'is"! We made this music to instil a sense of pride in being Baha'is in our children and families. These songs have travelled happily to many parts of the world and hav loved to be sung at Feasts and Holy Days and on teaching trips. They have loved being in the hearts and homes of the friends everywhere. All songs on this album were produced by Jack Lenz who also wrote many of the songs. Various artists included Doug Cameron, Susan Aldridge, Mardi Edelstein, John Rutledge and the Baha'i Children's Choir perform on this album.

We Are Baha'is

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Album Title: We Are Baha'is
Artist: Compilation
Company: Live Unity
Genre: Other
Number of Tracks: 12


Suitable for: Children's Classes, and much more ...